Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered



Spring has taken over.

Once I saw this weeks photo challenge, weathered, I knew I had to participate, for two reasons.


First, it reminded me I need to email my step-mother and acknowledge I now understand fully why she takes so many pictures. She and my father live full time on an RV and travel back and forth across the US chasing the warm weather. While doing this she keeps both of them busy scouring the areas they travel through for historical areas, hiking adventures, or 4-wheeling expeditions. All the while she is snapping away with her new fancy camera (I cannot remember the name brand, something “shot”). Then every couple days she puts out a newsletter for family and friends outlining their excursions. She told me once she pours over the pictures and fusses with them looking for the perfect one to insert into the newsletter and throws the rest away. I didn’t fully appreciate what she was saying until I scoured my own collection of photos looking for the perfect picture for one of my posts. I wanted to call or email and ask her for one of hers, however, I knew they have had a couple of rough weeks, so I didn’t bother her.


Second, I have begun my own travel adventures (I will be sure and take many more pictures). I love nature, if I could stay outside and never ever be surrounded by four walls, I would. The beauty of everything having to do with nature and everything living is absolutely glorious, and I find the English language fails in its ability to describe it many times. I enjoy just being in it and if words elude me, then so be it.


I traveled across the US and back this past year, killing my Jeep in the process. I was simply dumbfounded at times and couldn’t pull over fast enough to ogle at the mesmerizing picturesque landscapes in front of me. I am surprised I didn’t cause a wreck. I don’t have a fancy camera, and I take pictures with my phone only. The pictures do not have to be perfect for you to get a feeling of nature’s splendor. I am especially fascinated by areas weathered and worn.

The effects of wind across the plains of Texas. Look at the moon.

I must credit and thank Paige for a couple of the pictures included in this post. I realize her and my pictures are mashed together in my collection. Please, enjoy.


Sunrise or sunset?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

  1. You’ve shown me some beautiful country and weathering. Enjoy your travel adventure. I’m with you – outside is the best place to be except on that icy road you’ve shown.


    1. I’ve seen a lot of icy roads, but none quite like that one. I am usually middle of the road when it comes to risk. If I’m confident I am able to do something, I will go for it. This seemed right over the limit, I didn’t proceed. Thank you for your comment.

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