A Poem and a Message

Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Am I an Island?

When a boy points from a distance and asks, “hey, what are you doing out there?”.  Is it seen?

When the storm rumbles overhead and the lightning bursts and tears through the sky. Is it afraid?

When the waves crash on its shores and toss their salt onto the sand and rocks.  How does it taste?

When the wind gently moves the leaves and the petals of the lily and the freshness of life wafts through the air. Is the smell sweet?

When it hasn’t felt footsteps or a hand brush across its soft sand and the warmth of someone lying upon it. Is it lonely?

Does the island know it is an island?



I don’t like to interpret my poetry. Hopefully, I will never have to. I think poetry should be interpreted by the individual reader and they should absorb what it means to them.

Poetry is one of the most personal ways writers express themselves, in my opinion. A poem either tells you who the author is or what they were feeling at a particular moment. Every author has a story behind each poem written and no matter how much time has passed, they would be able to tell you what inspired their poem, if they were inclined to do so.

I love art, I love how people express themselves in all categories, music, painting, photography, writing, etc.. I have an appreciation for it all! I try never to be critical and understand the artist is expressing themselves in their own way.

There is a message here, although I am not about to spell it out. We all know what it is.

There are some amazing bloggers here on WordPress with great talents in all genres. One of my favorites is Widowcranky, she teaches us about art and has a wonderful gift of seeing works of art through many lenses’. She is my route to museums I am unable to visit. Here is a link to one of her recent posts. 


In closing, this is one of my favorite quotes. I have adopted this as a mantra, as we all should.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always. Unknown Author

Sunrise or sunset?


4 thoughts on “A Poem and a Message

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so honoured with this beautiful mention on such a wonderful post. Thank you so much!


  2. Expressions, the same situation has occurred, yet it is captured in minds differently. Thank you for expressing and sharing such a wonderful perspective. You have shown your kindness.


    1. Thank you for the lovely response. Donna


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