Progress Report and a Poem

Kayla's 243
From 20 degrees to 80. Happy, Happy!

I’ve made it to my destination for the next period of time, say a week, a month, however long I would like it to be. My head is buzzing, literally. I need everything to be done right now! At least the weather is great!

Fortunately, I had a poem ready to post. It’s a good thing because I am barely able to function right now.

Life is Messy

A cup of juice has spilled on the floor,

it’s an awful mess.

Get the mop,

fetch the solution,

where’s the bucket?

Wipe, swipe, mop, and wash,

days later what’s this?

I found a sticky spot?

There’s always something left behind.

Isn’t that how life is?



The photograph is courtesy of Kayla and her Canon EOS Rebel T5. Thank you, Kayla.

Sunrise or sunset?




2 thoughts on “Progress Report and a Poem

  1. shelleykrupagmailcom February 8, 2018 — 1:31 pm

    So true, there’s always something left behind ;-)! Nice job on the poem!


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