Clean Air to Breathe – Tuesday Photo Challenge


When I am in Arizona one of my favorite things to do is 4-wheel. The state is full of trails built for all types of vehicles capable of various levels of off-roading. New Mexico and Utah are also very well known for their off-roading trails.

I have always owned a 4-wheel drive vehicle solely for the purpose of being able to venture off-road as the opportunity arises. Over the last couple of years, I have become aware of the lifestyle in a completely different way.

Whenever I am able to catch up with my father and step-mother, I get to experience off-roading in the way “Jeeping” is intended. They have a modified Jeep Wrangler, which is capable of tackling quite challenging trails, as I have experienced first-handed with them.

In these photographs, we took the House Mountain Trail, which rose to an elevation of 5125 feet. After several miles of non-stop rough terrain and seeing countless cows with calves we arrived at our destination, which is one of the reasons we do what we do. The very top of the piled rocks on House Mountain gave us a view of Verde Valley and the red rocks of Sedona.

The piled rocks my step-mother and I climbed.


My step-mother, Paige. Those white spots on the ground are a truck (we couldn’t believe made it up!!) and our Jeep (AKA, the toad).

Fresh clean air to breathe!! Ohh, and the view, yes.

Sunrise or sunset?


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Breathe

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Breathe


9 thoughts on “Clean Air to Breathe – Tuesday Photo Challenge

  1. Awesome photos!


  2. I never made it to the southwest US, in my travels down there but, from all the pictures I’ve seen, I think I would have liked it. Wide open spaces, dry, sunny most of the time and, lots of high places. Maybe the heat would have got to me though. Up here, four wheel drive is almost a necessity, for anyone who goes outside the town limits. But, it’s very different terrain than down there. Bush roads and logging roads can be very challenging with, trees across the roads, water covering the roads and, deep mud. The rugged parts tend to be easier than the mud holes. Of course, snow is also a big reason for having four wheel drive up here. Good off-road tires also help a lot. However, being smart enough to know when to go and, when not to go, is probably the most important factor in driving off-road.


    1. I agree. Fortunately, I have good sense, most of the time. 😉


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