50-Ish or 29, I Can’t Remember.

I happen to love the black and white photo challenges. I find it quite fun to play with my photographs, flipping the tones to find the best contrast and coloration. I am absolutely an amateur and publish what I find appealing, not always the best quality.

When I saw the theme for this challenge, (older than 50 years) I immediately thought of myself, ugh, and the picture of me on the snow/ice by the river. I knew it would be perfect.

Kayla's 240
Dolgeville, NY
20180313_100814 (1)
City of Rocks, New Mexico. The rocks were “dropped” there after a volcano erupted nearly 35 million years ago. Also, my shadow. I would say these rocks meet the criteria.


20171102_105220-EFFECTS (1)
The Waverly Mansion in Columbus, Mississippi, built in 1852.


The Eagle Harbor Lighthouse in Mohawk, MI, rebuilt in 1871.


The Point Loma Lighthouse in San, Diego, CA, built in 1855. I am in this picture, it’s not hard to find me.




It would seem I am the youngest “item” on this page, phew. 

Now, shall I handle the credits?

The first photograph (with me on the ice by the river) was taken by Kayla with her Canon EOS Rebel T5. Thank you, Kayla.

The last photograph (The Point Loma Lighthouse) was taken by Paige with her Canon PowerShot SX700 HS. Thank you, Paige.

Sunrise or sunset?




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Objects or People Older than 50 years


10 thoughts on “50-Ish or 29, I Can’t Remember.

  1. I’ve been to City of Rocks in New Mexico (back in the 1960s) Okay that just aged me. I had relatives who lived fairly close. 😀


    1. It was a fascinating place, more than what you would expect. I plan to go back and camp there.


  2. I guess ‘old’ comes to mind, when talking about black and white photos, because that’s where photography started, in the old days. Ansel Adams was a favorite of mine and, many others. I actually took two college courses in black and white photography but, I never take B&W photos these days, just color. Some scenes do lend themselves very well to B&W so, I guess I should think in those terms more often and, see what I can do. I do like shadow shots, like the one you posted here and, I’ve often taken photos of my shadow, when I’m out hiking. Just never thought to do any of them in B&W. I’ll see if I can remember to do that sometime but, I’m old and, I forget a lot. 🙂


    1. Alan…. check your settings, you should be able to change your color photos to B&W after you have uploaded them. 😉


      1. Yep, I realize that Donna but, I think that, if I were to take some B&W photos, I’d want them to be taken with that in mind, not just covert a color photo to a B&W. You know what I mean? 🙂


      2. I had a feeling you were a purist.
        Yup… Lol.


      3. 🙂 Nope, purist is definitely not a word that I would use to describe myself, in fact, I’ve always felt that ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ fits me real well. 🙂 I guess, in this particular case, it would just feel like cheating, to me, if I made a color shot into B&W. It’s just not something I would feel comfortable doing. Just as I would never refer to myself as a photographer, nor would I want anyone else to place me on such a lofty platform. But, that’s always been the shortcomings of typed words. They’re so black and white and, we’re much more complex than that. 🙂


      4. Well said and not said.
        There is so much left unspoken in written word, I find I delete more than I leave typed on the page, often times. I am glad there are not eyes to see inside of me.


      5. LOL Donna, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I have to delete something that I’ve written, while creating a blog post, simply because, I know that most folks won’t get it. Words just don’t work sometimes and, it’s tough but, I’m slowly learning to allow that to be as it is. 🙂


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