At Play in the Rain

This was a tough one. When I saw this theme I knew I had photos with frozen rain, storm clouds, and after the rain rainbows, which would all fall under the “rain” umbrella (see what I did there). I wanted a picture that portrayed actual rain. I had Dutch’s Moose photo in mind, which is spectacular. 

I scrolled through all of my photographs, twice. Then I checked my phone because I remembered taking photographs and sending them. It was a matter of scrolling through text messages and finding them.

At play in the rain.

I took this photograph last summer at our campsite in Sussex, NJ. In Sussex, NJ we are on top of a hill/mountain, not far from Highpoint, NJ (the highest point in NJ), storms have a way of sneaking over the ridge and catching you off guard sometimes. When it began to pour the kids were outside, quite a distance from the trailer and got caught in the deluge. At this point, they were already soaked so they continued to splash around and play, why not!

Sunrise or sunset?


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rain


5 thoughts on “At Play in the Rain

    1. They had a ball!
      I love to see kids play.
      The wet clothes afterward were not quite as fun to clean up, but oh well.
      Thank you,

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  1. I loved playing the rain as a kid. But I grew up in the Caribbean where rain is warm and the sun can be seen shining through a rainstorm. The rain in New Jersey always feels cold to me.


    1. You’re right, usually, the rain is cold and damp feeling.
      As a kid, we were carefree and played in the snow until our toes were white from the cold, nearly frostbitten. Now, God forbid, the rain was to touch our tender skin…
      Ohh, to have the life of a child.

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