Promises We Must Keep – Tuesday Photo Challenge

It looks as though Emanuel is in deep thought. He is kind of. He is waiting for the waves to push over the stick he has pushed into the sand, mesmerized by the power of the sea.


With the theme of promise, my thoughts immediately dove deeply introspective. I could easily list fifteen ways these pictures present a promise.


We are all drawn to water and every time we are down to Uncle Mark’s house we make a special point of visiting several of the beaches. It doesn’t matter what body of water we are near, no matter what I may have said to the boys, it’s a guarantee they are going to get wet. I have resigned myself to it and take precautionary measures so my truck is not ruined in the process.                                                                


Our children need only us. They don’t need the latest gadgets. Water, a stick, fresh air, and time with me bring my grandchildren amazing joy. 

And Love.

I promise.

Sunrise or sunset?


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Promise

5 thoughts on “Promises We Must Keep – Tuesday Photo Challenge

  1. I completely agree. There really is no greater gift then the gift of time. touching…..

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