The Broken Oddity


12-14-2017 to 12-14-2018

I started this blog one year ago.

The title of this post, of course, has several meanings. It signifies the odds of a blog surviving a year, how I see myself, and I find my blog slightly unusual when compared to others.

This is a place where I am able to cry out loud and grieve hidden behind a glass panel. A place I can anonymously allow you to “see” my pain while simultaneously building strength and confidence with each post. Each post is born of my own personal experiences and adventures.

Everybody has experienced some type of pain, how we react to it is relative. Relative to what, I am unsure, science is not sure, no one is absolutely sure, “No-Madder” what they may claim. After struggling my entire life, I am now settling into a routine, of sorts. Writing, turns out, is tremendous therapy.

My intention is to deliver a virtual map for others to use as a guide. I do realize, most people learn through first-hand experiences, myself included. Believing we are much wiser than we actually are, the rebellious nature of immaturity, and want will drive us to attempt to win unwinnable battles. Many of my posts are lessons I have learned or am learning and I raised the courage to share them with you.

As my “About Me” page explains, this blog has gone through a couple of transitions and a short dry spell. I found the groove I feel comfortable in and am pleased with it. I hope you find it enjoyable, also.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, and following. It means a lot to me. Stick with me and see where I go.


Sunrise or Sunset?




4 thoughts on “The Broken Oddity

  1. Hey Donna;

    When I first started reading your blog, I thought that it was going to be about the same things that I love to do, which is exploring the wilderness around me. You do some of that and, I like reading about the explorations of others but, you also have a very cryptic side to you that’s like a whole different kind of exploration. I get it. I’ve been there and, done that and, I’ve come out the other side now. I’m the same person as I was before I started that journey but, during that introspective period, the most important thing I learned was, it doesn’t really matter and, I guess, in a strange way, your blog title implies that.
    I used to think that everything mattered so much and, I tried to make sense out of all those little things in life that weren’t the way they were supposed to be. And now, I’ve let go of that notion. You’ll often hear me saying, “it is what it is” and, what I’m really saying is, it just doesn’t matter, in the bigger scheme of things. Sure, I still get bothered by stuff I see going on around me but, I’m no longer trying to make sense of it. I don’t fight against anything anymore. I notice it, I might say something about it, and then, I just let it go.
    I didn’t start my blog as any kind of emotional or spiritual exercise, I started simply because I had moved far away from the rest of my family and, I wanted a way to be able to sort of keep in touch. I’m not one who likes talking on the phone so, an online blog seemed to be the perfect solution. As it turned out, I found that I really enjoyed doing the blog, and now, after over 7 years online, I still enjoy it just as much.
    Again, anyone who reads my blog, will know that my main purpose in life now, is to enjoy every second of it, while I still can. I’m human and, I still have human failings or, I prefer to describe them as limitations. But, now, I know that it just doesn’t matter all that much. Life goes on, with us or, without us and, it won’t miss a beat because, we don’t matter all that much.
    Once you put things into perspective, in your own mind, you can get on with life, in a much more enjoyable way. It’s not the right way and, it’s not the wrong way, it’s just your way. Just allow everything else to be as it is and, go your own way. That’s where the real enjoyment in life lies.


    1. I love that you wrote this to me, Alan, thank you.
      I think we are always on a journey although sometimes we are not aware of it.
      I am learning, growing, and changing every day.
      I have decided to focus on what is important and everything else can go away.
      Always, so nice to hear from you. 😊


  2. I’ll be sticking with you! And I’m guessing sunset 😉


    1. You are right. Sunrise or sunset is an omagh to my original sign off.
      Thank you, 😊

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