Have You Heard Me Sing?

20181115_172800 (1)

The glorious uninhibited feeling to lift my voice, fumble through the lyrics, and not always achieve the perfect pitch could be used as a gage for the level of my contentedness.






4 thoughts on “Have You Heard Me Sing?

  1. 🙂 I always sing, when I’m out hiking, in the bush. So, yes, it is a sign of how content you are because, I’m never more content than, when I’m alone in the wilderness.


    1. Hello Alan,
      I sing when I am driving. When I am hiking I am silent, absolutely silent. 😉
      The two have a different focus.
      If I sing in the presence of another, it’s telling.


      1. Being silent in the bush up here, is a good way to have an unpleasant bear encounter, as is having a dog with you. I used to sing a lot, when I was driving and, I still do sometimes but, I don’t have to drive too far now, in order to get to where I’m going. 🙂


      2. So true!! I don’t usually have to worry about predatory animals, although, you never know.
        Being nomadic, I am regularly traveling long distance. Which means a lot of singing. LOL


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