Marinade Changes the Flavor


I cannot stress enough the importance of taking the time to look beyond yourself and to see things from the other person’s perspective.






3 thoughts on “Marinade Changes the Flavor

  1. The issue here, Donna, is that, people can’t get out of their own minds long enough to do that. I’m constantly saying, on my blog, that people are ‘lost in their minds’ and, ‘they don’t know who they are’. And, this is exactly what I’m pointing to. Even with the little things, in everyday life, folks are so entrenched in their own minds that, they not only don’t think about anyone else, they actually can’t. So many people are killed in vehicle crashes simply because someone was so wrapped up in their own mind that, they weren’t paying any attention to driving. We call them ‘accidents’ but, are they really? Even up in this little old mining town, that I live in, I’m constantly reminded of how people have become so isolated from the world around them. They are isolated in their own minds. It could be that this is a self-preservation tactic, because they just can’t deal with the realities in life or, they don’t want to. Or, it could be that they just feel ‘safer’ in the controlled venue of their own mind.


    1. It’s the me, me, me selfishness and never “my fault” thinking. No one else exists.
      It’s exhausting. No wonder we want to isolate ourselves.
      Thank, Alan


      1. Well, yes, I understand what you’re saying Donna and, like the weather, I still complain a lot about things that bother me. But, at the same time, neither you, or I, will ever change those things so, I just let go of them, after I’ve done my complaining. 🙂 I have a life experience to enjoy and, I’m not going to let anything get in the way of that. All we can really do is, lead by example.


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